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GTA Kentucky Sodding


GTA Kentucky Sodding is known for its carefully crafted outdoor areas that showcase the best nature has to offer. Founded in 2015, what was once a small company has since grown into the best in TOWN. Founded and run by a family. Over the past 5 years, we have dedicated ourselves to our customers so that you and your family can enjoy a fresh, strong, and healthy lawn all year round. GTA Kentucky Sodding is a landscape company offering premium turf installation, softscaping, drainage, and 100% satisfaction!










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  • How often should I water my new grass?
    Watering your new grass is very important that's why you should do it twice a day morning and evening for about 20 minutes for at least one month after installation and 2-3 times a week after.
  • Can I install sod in winter?
    Yes you can!! As long as soil is not frozen and you are 100% positive that temperature will not drop below 4 celsius for the next 3 weeks you still can install sod.
  • Why do I see weeds on my freshly installed lawn?
    Unfortunately by installing new sod it doesn’t mean that you won’t see weeds again. Weeds are a common problem for property owners, and if not treated in time it may spread all over the lawn replacing beautiful green grass with weeds. That is why we always recommend to take care of your lawn and rip weed out as soon as you see it.
  • Mushrooms growing over my new lawn, what should I do?
    Sometimes you will see mushrooms growing on your lawn, it is totally normal, no need to panic! Mushrooms grow with moisture and love shades, kill it and avoid watering the spot, try bringing more sunlight to the spot by shrimping the tree, moving objects that causes shades and so on.
  • Can your guys add triple mix or fertilizer before installing sod?
    Absolutely!! Triple mix, top soil, fertilizer and softscape will be offered to you at estimation or you may ask us to do so. You can always add it to the service, just make sure we know it ahead and not when we are at your door to do the job.
  • Do you still work if it rains?
    Unfortunately, in order to properly do the job of removing weeds and leveling the soil, ground must be super dry. That is why even a little rain in the morning can ruin our day in a matter of minutes.
  • Why can't I walk on fresh sod?
    Roots take about 10 days to adapt to the soil and begin to grow fruitfully. Also, if you step on newly installed sod rolls, seams may come apart and there may be a gap between the two rolls. We also do not recommend walking your dog on it for 10-15 days.
  • How often should I cut the grass?
    We recommend cutting it 3-4 times a month depending on your region. Make sure you do not mow it shorter than 3 inches, otherwise sun may burn roots and lawn could slowly turn yellow.
  • Do I need top soil or triple mix for sodding?
    In most cases your soil is 99% perfect for sodding. But in some cases for example when you have clay you do need to spread at least 4 inches of top soil before installing new sod.
  • Why fertilizing important and when should I do it?
    By fertilizing, the soil receives nutrients, oxygen and the necessary vitamins to make the lawn healthier, stronger and greener. We recommend applying fertilizer at fall after you made your final clean up, or early spring.
  • Am I getting fresh Kentucky Bluegrass?
    Absolutely. GTA Kentucky Sodding doesn't cary any other type of grass simply because it is the best type of grass for Canadian weather. Each order will be prepared by our farm and delivered to the job site early in the morning and will be installed same day.
  • Would my new sod change color over time?
    Your lawn may not look green as you expected after installation, but it will become more darker and greener in color in about 3 weeks.

Quality and professionalism come first when it comes to the services we provide. We work together with our clients using proven knowledge to bring your ideas to life.


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